Tesla In App Purchase As Revenue Driver, M3 Rear Heater Seat Add-On

Tesla In App Purchase As Revenue Driver, M3 Rear Heater Seat Add-On

Tesla in app purchase are convenient for owners of cars and this time the application offers Model 3 rear heater seat feature.

Tesla only offered heated rear seats in Model 3 variants, which include a Premium interior, the Long Range Dual Motor AWD and the Performance version. But vehicles like the Standard Range and Standard Range Plus Model 3 are equipped with the Partial Premium interior. The 12-way heated seats in the Standard Plus were available only for the driver and front passenger, and passengers sitting in the back could only be warmed up through the car's climate control system.

But the new update allows you to change this, which in turn will make the Standard Plus Model 3, an even more attractive car. Now Tesla is selling rear heater seats feature/option to Standard Range & Standard Plus Model 3 owners for $300. 

Source: Tesla

Do you know at least one car that has similar capabilities? Of course not, because Tesla is not just a automaker that makes boring cars that start to become obsolete before they are delivered to its owner. Tesla is a technology company that makes smart cars that whit the help of magical OTA, turns your vehicle into the most modern car equipped with any available features of your choice.

Tesla's in-app purchases will play a significant role in its future, because this will not only improve the experience of car owners and their families, but also increase the company's income, thereby increasing its profitability. Tesla's bulls predict that in-app purchases can help turn a $144 billion company into a trillion-dollar company.

In the fourth quarter, the company launched Premium Vehicle Connectivity in the US for $9.99 (plus tax) per month. This allowed its clients to stream music and videos, surf the Internet or see live traffic through an embedded connection.

"We also introduced in-app purchases, where our customers can buy various software updates, such as basic Autopilot, FSD, Acceleration Boost, and additional premium features. Software will continue to play a growing role in our business model (emphasis ours)," said Tesla.

Almost none of the analysts takes into account the technological effectiveness of the company, and its the biggest mistake in their forecasts there. In-app purchases are probably Tesla's most underrated and ignored revenue stream.

The company offers its customers an excellent infotainment system which includes the Tesla Theater, Tesla Karaoke, Tesla Arcade, offers one Premium Connectivity Package subscription service, and sells software such as FSD and Autopilot.

At the same time, when traditional automakers make money on auto parts and after-sales service, Tesla is already providing services and products similar to technology companies and making money on it.

 Image: Cody DeBos / The Burn-In

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