Tesla Is Introducing Touch-Less Deliveries In US

Tesla Is Introducing Touch-Less Deliveries In US

In early March, Tesla China, due to an outbreak of coronavirus, officially announced the launch of its Zero contact test drive service. Following them, Tesla provides the “touchless deliveries” service for US residents.

Yesterday, after meeting with the Fremont Police Department, Tesla issued a statement explaining its further actions in connection with quarantine, due to which all production except “essential businesses” should temporarily suspend their activities.

Now Tesla will carry out “touchless deliveries” in order to secure its customers.


"In many locations, we are in the process of implementing “touchless deliveries” so customers can continue to take delivery of their vehicle in a seamless and safe way."

Due to the high technology of Tesla’s cars, the client can access them without a standard key or even a key card. In order to pick up his new car, a client can unlock it using a mobile app. All necessary documents that need to be signed will be in the vehicle.

After the new owner signs the documents, he must return them to the on-site spot, before leaving the parking lot where he picked up the car. In addition to the fact that this method is a safe method of transferring the vehicle to the owner, it is also convenient and comfortable.

"Due to the unique over-the-air connectivity of our vehicles, customers are able to unlock their new cars at a delivery parking lot via the Tesla App, sign any remaining relevant paperwork that has been placed in their car, and return that paperwork to an on-site drop-off location prior to leaving. This method provides additional convenience and comfort."

The statement also says that Tesla's US factories will be temporarily closed from March 24th. Basic operations will continue in order to support their vehicle and energy service operations and charging infrastructure, as directed by the local, state and federal authorities.

Their factory in New York will temporarily suspend production as well, except for those parts and supplies necessary for service, infrastructure and critical supply chains. Operations of their others facilities will continue, including Nevada and their service and Supercharging network.

1/4 of the staff continues to work at the Tesla factory in Fremont, in order to support its customers. In order to protect them, the company implements a number of necessary measures: employees measure the temperature and distribute masks.

Source: cjayy5/Instagram

Tesla is taking the necessary measures to protect its customers and employees. Even in this difficult time, the automaker is thinking about how to give its customers a positive experience in buying their cars.

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