Tesla Energy Plan Unveiled in UK, Shows Virtual Power Plant in Action After Australia

Tesla Energy Plan Unveiled in UK, Shows Virtual Power Plant in Action After Australia

Tesla has begun offering a UK electricity tariff that combines solar panels and a battery, turning households into virtual power plants.

The company has teamed up with renewable energy supplier Octopus Energy Ltd. and homes can now generate, store, and return solar energy to the grid during peak hours. All electricity transactions will be done by software and will happen automatically based on energy use patterns, solar generation forecasts, and wholesale energy prices.

Mark W Tebbutt/Twitter, resident of Chorley Lancashire, UK received an email from Tesla describing the terms of the tariff.

Tesla owners can claim the cheapest data plan. The company said the tariff offers 75% savings over other providers.

"By signing up to the Tesla Energy plan, you become part of the UK Tesla Virtual Power Plant, and you'll save up to 75% on your energy bills compared to the Big 6 energy providers."

The Tesla Energy plan offers a flat import rate, which is the most affordable on the market, and a flat export rate up to 100% higher than the best fixed SEG tariff on the market.

"The plan offers a flat import rate of £ 0.08-0.11 / kWh - the lowest single rate tariff available in the market (as of October 2020) and a flat export rate of £ 0.08-0.11 / kWh for any electricity you export - up to 100% more than the best fixed SEG tariff on the market (as of October 2020)."

In mid-June, Tesla received a license to generate electricity in the UK, which allowed it to develop its energy business in the local market. The California automaker plans to build a virtual power station in the UK and other countries using its Autobidder platform.

Tesla's ‘Autobidder’ platform aims to make money from distributed batteries via real-time trading and optimization. The platform aims to use everything from household batteries to utility assets, offering flexibility in all available markets.

Virtual power plants are aggregate distributed energy assets that can be remotely controlled to act as power plants. Many enterprises are trying to build them, and they will be increasingly needed to maintain a stable energy system based on renewable energy sources.

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