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Tesla includes third-party charging stations in car navigation

by Eva Fox February 17, 2020

Tesla includes third-party charging stations in car navigation

In addition to its own Supercharging network, Tesla is also starting to incorporate third-party charging stations into car navigation.

Today, Tesla already has the most extensive charging infrastructure among all automakers. As of February 15, 2020, it included 15,821 of Superchargers Stalls.

A number of European countries also have an extensive branded Supercharging network, which is constantly expanding. But in order to make travel even more comfortable and devoid of additional worries, Tesla includes third-party charging stations in car navigation.

Source: Tesla

There are currently several other third-party charging networks, but most Tesla owners have not used them, since Tesla's own networks cover most of the territories in which the company sells its vehicles. Available superchargers and chargers are listed on the Tesla car navigation system. Thanks to this, the car is sent to the nearest charging station if your final destination cannot be reached due to the current state of battery.

One of the owners of Tesla in Europe reported that the company sent him the following message:

“In den Frühjahrsferien haben wir Ihre Navigation geändert, um mehr Ladeoptionen in Belgien, den Niederlanden, Deutschland, der Schweiz und Österreich anzuzeigen. Wählen Sie das Ladesymbol unten rechts auf Ihrem Touchscreen, scrollen Sie nach unten und wählen Sie ein Supercharger, ein Zielladegerät oder ein öffentliches Ladegerät aus, um es zu Ihrer Route hinzuzufügen. Öffentliche Ladegeräte haben unterschiedliche Zugangsvoraussetzungen, und Sie müssen möglicherweise eine Anwendung wie Plugsurfing herunterladen und ein Konto erstellen, um das Ladegerät nutzen zu können. Diese Funktionalität wird in zukünftigen Software-Updates verbessert werden, und wir werden kontinuierlich neue Ladegeräte hinzufügen”.

“During the spring break, we changed your navigation to show more charging options in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Select the charging icon at the bottom right of your touchscreen, scroll down and choose a supercharger, target charger or public charger to add to your route. Public chargers have different access requirements, and you may need to download an application like Plugsurfing and create an account to use the charger. This functionality will be improved in future software updates and we will continuously add new chargers”.

This became possible after Tesla adopted the CCS standard for its European vehicles, which greatly facilitates the owners there access to third-party charging stations.

The automaker also began to build new Superchargers V3,  which use a CCS connector, which is the standard on Tesla Model 3 vehicles, but owners of Model X SUVs and Model S saloon cars will need an adapter to plug in. Tesla says the adapter comes as standard with all new vehicles, and is available to existing owners “at a limited cost”.


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