Solar Roof International Orders

Tesla Solar Roof International Orders Officially Available

Tesla Solar Roof International Orders Officially Available

Tesla Solar Roof international orders are officially available. Elon Musk announced last week that Tesla’s Solar Roof business would expand internationally later this year. It seems the company has already started taking orders, validating Musk’s words and revealing the EV automaker’s plan for Tesla Energy.

Tesla enthusiast Tom from Australia recently shared on Twitter that he had successfully ordered the EV tech company’s Solarglass Roof V3. “My name is Tom. I live in Australia. I just ordered the Tesla Solar Roof! Thanks, Elon Musk,” @_TeslaTom said.

Tom’s concise announcement was all that was needed to be said to prove that Tesla will indeed be taking Solar Roof V3 orders from outside the United States. Another Tesla supporter from New Zealand commented on Tom from Australia's tweet and, said he had also just made reservations for the company’s Solar Roof V3 tiles.

According to Elon Musk, V3 tile installations are already taking place across the United States. He noted that there are many installations in the Bay Area. Based on stories about early Solarglass Roof V3 installations, Tesla’s latest tiles aren’t just efficient, they are much cheaper as well.

Tesla plans to release other Solar Roof tile designs in the future after it masters textured black roof tiles. Although, nothing seems to be standing in the way of Solarglass Roof V3’s international expansion. Tesla appears to be adopting the same plan it had with its all-electric vehicles for its Solarglass Roof, but at a much more rapid pace.

The EV sector of Tesla has somewhat stabilized, allowing the company some time and brainpower for its Energy sector. The company has undoubtedly learned a lot from ramping Model 3 production and building its first factory abroad in China. So, ramping Solar Roof V3 abroad may be a bit easier.

However, Tesla will still be taking it one step at a time. It seems that the EV tech company plans to tick off installations in the United States first. It will probably gradually work its way to international orders later this year, as Musk stated.

Musk recently hinted that the localized production of Tesla’s Solarglass Roof tiles could happen in the future. Localized production of Solar Roof tiles might start in China and Europe—specifically Berlin—since Tesla will already have Gigafactories built in those areas.

Tesla has been ramping its Solar Roof business a lot lately. Elon Musk has already invited people interested in working for Tesla to apply for the Solar Roof team. With V3’s ramp, Tesla Energy will probably no longer be a footnote for the company.

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