Tesla Adjusts Model 3 Pricing in Europe, as Updated 2021 Model Rolls Out

Eva Fox by Eva Fox October 31, 2020

Tesla Adjusts Model 3 Pricing in Europe, as Updated 2021 Model Rolls Out

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Over the past few weeks, Tesla has revised the prices of its cars. Prices have been cut for some of the models, but the company has made some major improvements in appearance and performance. It looks like now is the time to adjust pricing based on the updates the 2021 Model 3 received.

While prices have been reduced in some countries not too long ago, people from various European countries are now reporting that they have noticed an increase in prices for the Model 3 in all three configurations: Standard Range Plus, Long Range, and Performance, according to Drive Tesla Canada. However, not all countries have changed prices for all configurations.

According to reports, German residents who place their orders starting today will have to pay 490 euros ($572) more than before.

The price update also affected Austria:

  • Model 3 Long Range increased by 990 euros ($1,155)
  • Model 3 Performance increased by 700 euros ($817 USD)

In Sweden, unlike other markets, the price of the Standard Range Plus has also been raised. All models have been increased in price by € 1,000 ($ 1,125).

In Denmark, an even larger price increase is noticeable:

  • Model 3 Standard Range Plus increased by 1,343 euros ($1,564)
  • Model 3 Long Range and Performance Model 3 increased by 1,746 euros ($2,033)

This price increase is due to the fact that Tesla began accepting orders for the 2021 Model 3, which is now an updated model with a number of improvements over the 2020 model. This step is logical because new Model 3 owners are getting an even better product. The estimated delivery date for all European countries is slated for February 2021.

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