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Tesla Full Self-Driving FSD Safely Turns Right on Red Light, Negotiates Pedestrian Traffic

Tesla Full Self-Driving FSD Safely Turns Right on Red Light, Negotiates Pedestrian Traffic
On October 20, Tesla released the beta version of the next major Full Self-Driving (FSD) update, which should significantly improve the proprietary Autopilot system from the current Level 2 to the highest, Level 5, thereby providing the company's cars with the ability to move independently without any driver assistance. Judging by the feedback from the owners who have gained access to FSD Beta, the system simply boggles the mind and indeed takes driving to a whole new level.

@vincent13031925/Twitter shared a new video clip from his next road test. In the video, we can see that FSD Beta detected a pedestrian crossing and stopped the vehicle. In addition, it identified a pedestrian who was going to walk on the road, let him pass, and only then continued to move, safely turning onto a busy road. By carefully examining the screen, you can see that the system "saw" the pedestrian in advance, even before it approached the road.

The videos, which can be found on Twitter and on YouTube, show FSD Beta in the daytime and at night. In them, we can see how Tesla vehicles independently move along expressways and roads within the city, automatically slowing down and accelerating, changing from one lane to another to make a turn or exit, passing intersections, stopping at a red traffic light, bypassing obstacles and being watchful to cyclists.

Despite the fact that in some instances the system can still make mistakes, in general, we can see how far Tesla has progressed on the path to Level 5 Autonomy. It is even more impressive that, at the moment, FSD is just a beta version--only the initial stage in a series of improvements and updates. A very important point is that FSD Beta actually improves itself real-time; that is, it does not need an OTA software update to realize and start implementing new learnings.

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