Tesla Installs 100th Supercharger Station in Shanghai, China—Now Spanning Over 1000 Stalls

Tesla Installs 100th Supercharger Station in Shanghai, China—Now Spanning Over 1000 Stalls
Tesla has installed the 100th Supercharger station in Shanghai, China, which will be inaugurated next week. In just seven years, the company was able to install more than 1,000 stalls in one city to increase people's commitment to electric vehicles.

The charging infrastructure is one of the most important factors when choosing to buy an electric vehicle (EV). Since gas stations are located almost everywhere, cars with internal combustion engines are currently quite popular. In contrast, electric charging stations are not widespread, which is a disincentive to buying an EV.

However, Tesla aims to change that once and for all by relentlessly expanding its network of charging stations around the world. With China being one of its fastest growing markets at the moment, the company is looking to expand its Superchargers there very quickly.

Today it became known that Tesla in China achieved another major milestone. @JayinShanghai/Twitter shared the good news: Tesla has installed the 100th Supercharger station in Shanghai. He announced that the Grand Opening Ceremony will take place on September 29. The new Supercharger station is installed at Shanghai Landmark Rafael Sky City.

Jay also shared his memories of the day the first Supercharger was opened in Shanghai, which was also the first in China. This solemn event took place on April 23, 2014, the day that Tesla CEO Elon Musk delivered Tesla Model S to seven customers. In just seven years, the company has installed 100 Supercharger stations and provided over 1,000 charging points for EV owners in Shanghai. This has made possible the greater adoption of environmentally friendly cars and their widespread acceptance as reliable vehicles.

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