Tesla Corsa Arrives in Europe: First Event Held with Participants from 5 Countries

by Eva Fox September 24, 2021

Tesla Corsa Arrives in Europe: First Event Held with Participants from 5 Countries

Photo: Unplugged Performance

Tesla racing arrives in Europe. The first Corsa event in the region was held, in which Tesla owners from five countries took part.

Tesla Unplugged Performance (UP) from the USA expands into new territories and comes to Europe. Together with it is the TeslaCorsa event, which has been held in the United States since 2018. Last weekend, the first European ride took place on the Salzburgring in Austria, in which ten drivers from five European countries took part. teslamag.de was able to talk to the driving instructor and co-organizer of the event, Martin Rennhofer.

TeslaCorsa was founded to encourage Tesla owners to experience the capabilities of their vehicles in a professionally managed race track environment. By exploring the limits in a controlled environment, the company can ensure maximum enjoyment, safety, and no speeding tickets. TeslaCorsa invites Tesla owners to spend a day on the track and make great memories of it.

According to Rennhofer, both production vehicles and heavily modified vehicles can participate in TeslaCorsa. For example, UP uses the event to showcase the benefits of its tuning components on Tesla vehicles. Rennhofer also took part in the race on the Salzburgring and drove a Tesla Model 3 Performance with a modified chassis. In this competition, he showed the best time on the 4-kilometer route—1:46.8. The video below showcases his race and victory.

The participants of the event came from Austria, Germany, Croatia, Switzerland, and Sweden. Rennhofer said that the fastest amateur time of the day was the Model 3 LR with a modified chassis at 1:50. The original Model 3 LR, without tuning or modifications, covered the track in 1 minute 55 seconds. Two Tesla Model Ss completed the track in 1:53.

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