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Tesla Installs 500th Supercharger In UK & Ireland

Tesla Installs 500th Supercharger In UK & Ireland

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Tesla continues to expand its electric vehicle charging network around the world, following the announcement of its CEO Elon Musk. To meet growing demand, 500 Supercharger devices have now been installed in the UK and Ireland.

The first Superchargers appeared in the UK in 2014 and are now available in 63 locations. Tesla has already installed 42 new Superchargers this year, which confirms the company's intention to expand globally. Previously, the company’s Supercharger Network expansion has slowed down to allow for the ramp in the production of Supercharger V3 units.

“Despite the most electric vehicle charging taking place at home, in 2019 alone, Supercharging facilitated over 60 million electric miles across the UK and Ireland, which is the equivalent of over 100,000 trips to the International Space Station and back,” Tesla says.

V3 Supercharging uses the same principle as Tesla’s current Superchargers but adds a 1MW power cabinet to the equation. That means 250kW peak charging rates per car, a Long Range Model 3 can top up 75 miles of range in just five minutes.

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To date, eight V3 Superchargers have been installed in the UK - all at the brand’s Park Royal service center in London. Model 3 is compatible with the device as standard, and models S and X come with an adapter that allows them to use the same system.

Tesla intends to increase the number of Superchargers in the UK. Future sites are planned in Brighton, Leicester, The Wirral, and Edinburgh. Also on the map is the so-called ‘Megacharger’, which can charge the Tesla Semi HGV 400 miles in 30 minutes with a likely power of more than 1megawatt (1000 kW).

Tesla works all over the world, creating new sites to provide additional routes and expand popular stations. In addition to Superchargers, the company has a growing network of Destination Charging Partners with dedicated Tesla charging. Tesla works with hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, and resorts to make charging on arrival as easy as charging at home.

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