Tesla Installs 50th Supercharger Station in Japan, Stepping Up Rollout Efforts in the Country

Tesla Installs 50th Supercharger Station in Japan, Stepping Up Rollout Efforts in the Country

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Tesla celebrated the installation of the 50th Supercharger station in Japan. Of those installed, 16% were opened in just the nine months of 2022, indicating increased efforts to expand influence in the country.

Tesla's Supercharger Network is the world's largest network of charging stations for electric vehicles. Its goal is to give Tesla owners the opportunity to drive at a significantly lower cost and without polluting the environment. The manufacturer is actively expanding Superchargers around the world, paying special attention to the countries that are the largest markets for it.

Lately, Tesla has ramped up production of Model Y significantly as demand for the compact SUV continues to rise. The vehicle is increasingly reaching customers in new markets around the world, and so the manufacturer is in a hurry to expand its charging network. In early September, deliveries of Model Y began in Japan, and the manufacturer prepared for this in advance. Now, Tesla has announced that it has opened its 50th Supercharger in the country.

According to data analysis, from 2014 to the end of 2020, 26 Supercharger stations were installed in Japan. However, in 2021, the deployment of charging stations intensified and Tesla began to look for candidates who wanted to place a Supercharger near their business. Judging by the result, the search was very successful, as 16 new Superchargers stations were installed in 2021, 15 of which were V3.

In 2022, Tesla has not slowed down and continues to actively install new charging stations. So far, this year, eight V3 Supercharger stations have already been installed in Japan and seven more are scheduled to open before the end of this year. In addition, two charging stations are already planned for early 2023.

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