Tesla Installs Megachargers at Frito-Lay as Delivery of 15 Semi Truck Approaches

Tesla Installs Megachargers at Frito-Lay as Delivery of 15 Semi Truck Approaches

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Frito-Lay Inc. is installing Megachargers for Tesla Semi at its Northern California Warehouse. Upon completion of the installation, the company will have the first known charger for the Semi electric truck.

The FritoLay delivery center, located at 600 Garner Road in Modesto, California, is currently in the process of installing the first Megachargers to charge the Tesla Semi, according to Drive Tesla Canada. They will serve the first 15 of 100 electric trucks ordered by PepsiCo, which are due to be delivered this year.

Tesla's new chargers will be installed alongside existing chargers. At the moment, it remains unknown how many Megachargers will be installed, and how they will look. However, the site plan indicates that a Megapack battery will be installed there, which is most likely needed to stabilize the grid.

Via Drive Tesla Canada

Electric trucks will completely change the trucking industry as they are the obvious choice for companies looking to reduce CO2 emissions. They are a great alternative to diesel-powered trucks and even trains. Large companies are striving to reduce their carbon footprint, so they pay attention to how they deliver their goods. This forces companies to reconsider their views on the use of old diesel trucks and to seriously consider the possibility of buying electric trucks as soon as possible. Also, this step will help save a significant amount of money on refueling and car maintenance.

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