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Tesla Installs Megapacks Big Battery For 'Windcharger’ Task In Canada

by Eva Fox June 15, 2020

Tesla Installs Megapacks Big Battery For 'Windcharger’ Task In Canada

Featured image: TransAlta / Twitter

TransAlta’s WindCharger will be the first lithium-ion, utility-scale battery storage project in Alberta. It will utilize Tesla’s Megapack battery technology, charged with electricity from Summerview Wind Farm.

Tesla is deploying new Megapack in the new Windcharger project in Canada, TransAlta announced via its Twitter account.

Location: MD of Pincher Creek, 13 km northeast of Pincher Creek, AB
Technology: Tesla lithium-ion battery
First on-stream: June 2020

TransAlta, through its subsidiary Western Sustainable Power Corporation, introduced the first utility-scale lithium-ion battery storage facility located in the MD of Pincher Creek in Alberta.

Over the past few years, TransAlta has been exploring the viability of batteries in its various wind farms. The location at the Summerview Wind Farm has been chosen due to its many desirable features that facilitate the placement of this type of battery.

Source: TransAlta

The project will use Tesla's battery technology, and after completion of construction will have a capacity of 10 MW with a total storage capacity of 20 MWh. The project is located next to their Summerview Wind Farm substation on previously disturbed lands.

The Project qualified for co-funding from Emissions Reduction Alberta (“ERA”).

ERA works with government, industry and innovators on projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, attract investment, create jobs and ensure the success of Alberta and Canada in a low-carbon economy.

On November 7, 2019, the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) approved TransAlta's application for the construction and operation of the WindCharger Battery Storage at Summerview Wind Farm substation. The AUC approval was granted under decision 24454-D01-2019.

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