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Tesla Starts to Install Superchargers at Giga Texas

Tesla Starts to Install Superchargers at Giga Texas

Photos: Terafactory Texas/YouTube

Tesla continues to actively build Giga Texas. At the moment, special attention is paid to the organization of infrastructure and the construction of roads. Tesla is also starting to install Superchargers on site.

Giga Texas will become Tesla's largest factory. It will be home to Model Y, Cybertruck, Semi, and likely other car models to be developed in the future. Giga Texas will not be an ordinary factory, but a huge complex with many business operations. All this will require Tesla to build a large and complex system of roads along which factory workers, trucks with materials and cars, visitors to the factory, and surrounding area traffic can move freely without unreasonable congestion. At the moment, the company has already begun large-scale construction of additional roads and ramps that will connect the factory with the main highways passing nearby.

Now Tesla has also started building a Supercharger. Terafactory Texas/YouTube, while doing a flyby of the construction site, noticed that on the east side of the main building, in the parking area, a place was prepared for the installation of Superchargers. At the moment, there is already a concrete slab poured in that place and looks like about four stalls can be located there.

Further north, next to some containers, Terafactory Texas spotted Supercharger stalls. In the footage from the video, we can see at least three prefabricated charging clusters, each consisting of four stalls. Two of them have already been loaded onto a trailer, probably for transport to the installation area once it will be fully prepared.

The latest photo from July 2 shows that all three prefabricated charging clusters have already been loaded onto the trailer, which means that soon we will be able to find out for sure whether they will be installed in the parking lot near the building.

For now, the intended purpose of the Supercharger remains unknown. Its location in the parking lot may indicate that it is being built for Tesla employees. Since the company's employees often use Tesla cars, they need the ability to charge them at the workplace. Although the factory is still under construction, some construction workers, process managers, and process customization staff already visit Giga Texas frequently.

At this point in construction, it seems too early to suggest the Supercharger is for charging newly manufactured vehicles at Giga Texas. However, in the future, this charging station could also be used to charge vehicles produced there before being sent to delivery centers.


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