Tesla Insurance Based on Real-Time Driving Behavior Now Available in Texas

Eva Fox by Eva Fox October 15, 2021

Tesla Insurance Based on Real-Time Driving Behavior Now Available in Texas

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Tesla has been offering its Insurance in California for several years now. The company now offers customers its competitive insurance product rates—which are based on real-time driving behavior—also in Texas.

Tesla Insurance is a competitively priced insurance product, offering comprehensive coverage and claim management for Tesla owners in California and now in Texas, and will expand to additional U.S. states in the future, according to a company statement.

Tesla understands and knows its vehicles, technology, safety and repair costs like no one else, so it does not have the additional costs that traditional insurance companies have. The rate that clients will pay for insurance directly depends on this. Tesla Insurance provides a convenient monthly payment and reflects Tesla's active safety and advanced driver assistance features which come standard on all new Tesla vehicles.

Insurance—which Tesla offers based on real-time driving behavior—is, therefore, best able to offer personalized prices for each owner, depending on their driving style. In-car software now classifies its drivers on a safety scale that includes Forward Collision Warnings, Hard Braking, Aggressive Turning, Unsafe Following, and Forced Autopilot Disengagement metrics that will be used in the future to calculate Tesla driver rates. It should be kept in mind that Tesla will not use an average or previous data to calculate it, but only data obtained in real time, which once again underlines the superiority of the manufacturer over any other automotive brand that exists today.

Tesla customers will pay for insurance on a monthly basis based on their driving rating. For this, the company has published a table with approximate data, although in reality they may differ slightly, depending on various factors:

Month Safety Score
From Trips*
Safety Score
for Rating
Monthly Premium
1 95 90 $121.00
2 88 90 $121.00
3 92 95 $97.00
4 98 88 $130.00
5 96 92 $111.00
6 93 98 $83.00


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