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Tesla Intends to Buy a Rail Route for Giga Berlin

Tesla Intends to Buy a Rail Route for Giga Berlin

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Tesla wants to independently manage a short train route to its new electric vehicle and battery plant, Giga Berlin. The route owner, Deutsche Regionalisenbahn Gruppe, is already in talks with the manufacturer to sell it.

Tesla is in talks with Deutsche Regionalisenbahn (DRE) on the use of the railway on the territory of Giga Berlin, RBB24 reports, citing the owner of the railway. The DRE Gruppe owns the track that will connect the factory to the public rail network.

Tesla has used the railway and all its advantages from the very beginning of construction. Freight trains deliver construction materials and some equipment along the industrial route. Tesla's plans show that the company plans to build separate premises and its own cargo area to receive production materials into the factory. Tesla vehicles that are ready for delivery will also be shipped from the factory by freight trains.

The route, which belongs to the CM3 and D4 railway line classes, and is classified as a public line, is approved for heavy loads of up to 21 tons (46,297 lb) per wheel pair. DRE CEO Gerhard Curth said in the spring of 2020 that the load can be increased even up to 22.5 tons (49,600 lb), since the railway does not cross any bridge structures, and the length of the train can reach 1,968 ft. At the moment, the speed that is allowed on the route is 15.5 mph, but the location of the route can allow increasing the speed to almost 25 mph. To do this, it will be necessary to protect railway crossings with barriers and flashing lights.

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