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Tesla Giga Berlin Is an Investment Magnet in Brandenburg, Says Regional Economic Development Corporation

by Eva Fox December 22, 2021

Tesla Giga Berlin Is an Investment Magnet in Brandenburg, Says Regional Economic Development Corporation

Photo: @gigafactory_4/Twitter

Tesla is a magnet that attracts businesses from all over the world to its various locations. The Brandenburg Economic Development Corporation recognizes the appeal of Tesla Giga Berlin and even uses the fact that the manufacturer is located in the region as an advertisement abroad.

Tesla’s arrival—especially one of its latest factories—to a new location spurs great stimulus for the development of the local economy. Factory operations alone generate thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in annual taxes. In addition, the company's desire to localize the supply chain for manufacturing encourages other companies to locate their businesses close to it, which also brings investment, thousands of jobs, and increased tax revenues to the regions.

Tesla's Giga Berlin is attracting new investors to Brandenburg. The trade association of the region even started an advertising campaign abroad using the very presence of the manufacturer as the premiss. After Tesla's decision to build a factory in Brandenburg, investors began to show strong interest in the region. Despite the COVID pandemic, more requests have been received since 2020 than in prior years, said Steffen Kammradt, managing director of the Economic Development Corporation of Brandenburg (WFBB). "Tesla manages the location of the business," he added. According to Kammradt, Brandenburg has become the "place to befor future mobility, sustainable economy, and energy transition—and this signal was given by Tesla.

According to the managing director of the WFBB, in October the corporation launched a campaign in the U.S., Japan, and South Korea to attract investments in the region. "We advertise in trade magazines,said Kammradt. He said that this carries a certain message: this is where mobility, energy, and industry are being rethought and you can rely on this place, said Kammradt.

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