Tesla Is Applying for 2 Special Permits Required for the County Fair at Giga Berlin

Eva Fox by Eva Fox September 28, 2021

Tesla Is Applying for 2 Special Permits Required for the County Fair at Giga Berlin

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Tesla is applying for two special permits required for the County Fair in Giga Berlin. One permit is required for the simultaneous presence of 9,000 people, and the other for holding an event in a water protection area.

For the County Fair, aka Giga Fest, scheduled for October 9 at the Giga Berlin construction site, the company applied for two special permits. The administration sent a request from the organizer for the simultaneous presence of 9,000 people in one place, according to RBB24. In accordance with the Corona Ordinance on Land Management Brandenburg, the number of participants in events held during this period is limited to 5,000. However, the responsible health department can allow exceptions upon request. That is why the application is expected to be approved, spokesman Mario Behnke said on Tuesday.

In addition, Tesla needs a second permit to host its Giga Fest, as the venue is located in a water protection area. In this regard, the company must explain in advance which water pollutants may be present at the festival. Tesla must take responsibility to ensure that these substances do not enter the groundwater. Behnke also explained that there are many paved areas in the factory that have been prepared accordingly, so there should be no problem. Tesla is expected to be able to get approval for this application as well.

The County Fair is an important event and will be a kind of housewarming for Tesla in Brandenburg. In the spirit of the best traditions, the friendly host invited its neighbors to get to know each other better. This is an important step as it will raise awareness among the local population of Giga Berlin and promote good relationships. Anyone can apply to receive an invitation to the event, however the company prefers guests from the districts close to the factory and from Brandenburg.

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