Tesla Fully Cooperates with Authorities in China Over Crash Killing Two, Data Show Accelerator Pedal Depressed

Tesla Fully Cooperates with Authorities in China Over Crash Killing Two, Data Show Accelerator Pedal Depressed

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Tesla is fully cooperating with the authorities on a crash that killed two and injured three. According to the company, the driver pressed the accelerator pedal the entire time of the incident, and did not brake, but quickly pressed the parking button several times.

Human drivers are imperfect. We can be tired, emotionally agitated, inattentive, scared, and all of these variables affect the way we drive. Being under the influence of thoughts and experiences, people cannot always correctly assess the situation, which can cause an accident. A recent fatal accident in Chaozhou, Guangdong province in southern China, has attracted increased attention. As with several previous similar crushes, the driver who survived alleges that the vehicle's brakes failed.

The accident that happened was truly terrible. Surveillance cameras filmed the entire route of the car, from the beginning of its movement to its complete stop. The video was published by CnEVPost on YouTube. A 55-year-old man who drove a truck for many years drove a Tesla Model Y and made an attempt to stop near a store. The video shows that the car began to slow down and its brake lights turn on. However, without coming to a complete stop, the car continued to roll and again entered the road, making a dangerous maneuver in an attempt to overtake a scooter passing along the edge of the road.

After that, the Model Y continued to pick up speed, and avoided collisions with cars on the road. But at some point, it crashed into a riding scooter. After that, the Model Y continued to move and slightly hit a cyclist passing along the side of the road. Continuing to move, the car drove into the oncoming lane, along which something similar to a three-wheeled cargo scooter, a small truck, and a person on a bicycle were moving; at high speed the Model Y crashed directly into the scooter, after which it crashed into a building on the side of the road, which completely stopped it. The tragic accident claimed the lives of two people, including a schoolgirl. Three more people were injured. The driver of the Model Y survived.

According to the report, the car traveled about 2 kilometers (1.24 miles) at speeds up to 200 km/h (124 mph). According to the experts, the driver was not under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Local traffic police are checking the car, but its final results are not yet available. The police said they are looking for a company that will conduct an independent examination of the vehicle.

Tesla is fully cooperating with local authorities to help find the cause of the accident as quickly as possible. According to the company, its back-end data show the vehicle's accelerator pedal was depressed deeply for a long time and remained at 100 percent at one point, and the driver did not apply the brakes for the entire 2 km route. In addition, while driving, the driver pressed the parking button four times. Obviously, the Parking button would not work, as all the conditions that were necessary for this were not met.

It should be kept in mind that in all accidents to date in which drivers claimed that the brakes of a Tesla car failed, the drivers were found guilty as a result of the investigation.

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