Tesla to Set New Quarterly Record for Deliveries in China

Tesla to Set New Quarterly Record for Deliveries in China

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Tesla will set a new quarterly record for deliveries in China, according to insurance registration data for March and delivery data for the past two months. Although the end of the quarter is still a few days away, the manufacturer has already sold more vehicles than it did in Q3 2022, when the last record was set.

Tesla has set a new quarterly record for deliveries in China, though this has yet to be officially announced. After last week's insurance registration data was released, the conclusion was already clear. And this is despite the unofficial record being set with five days still left in March and the quarter. This means Tesla has a few more days remaining to increase the number of deliveries even further.

Insurance registration data showed that for the period of March 20-26, Tesla insurance registrations totaled 15,886. The week before, from March 13 to March 19, there were 18,712 registrations. Together with total deliveries for the entire Q1 through March 26, Tesla has registered over 126,000 vehicles. This already exceeds the previous quarterly record set in the third quarter of 2022, when more than 122,000 vehicles were delivered. In the time leading up to March 31, this gap will widen even further. It should be kept in mind that insurance data is not an accurate indicator and the final results may vary. However, the overall picture will remain unchanged and the number of Tesla vehicles delivered in March could only rise from what is expected.

In addition to the fact that Tesla continues to deliver cars made at Giga Shanghai, hundreds if not thousands of Model S and X have recently arrived in the country. Although it is not likely all of them can be delivered in Q1, some of them could help drive better delivery results for the quarter.

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