Tesla Cybertruck Spotted Easily Maneuvering Around Corners

Tesla Cybertruck Spotted Easily Maneuvering Around Corners

Image: The Kilowatts/Twitter

Tesla Cybertruck is a huge pickup truck capable of handling the most difficult tasks. In addition, it is exceptionally agile and can handle turns better than Tesla Model Y, Elon Musk said.

Tesla Cybertruck prototypes have increasingly been on camera in recent weeks, which could indicate that mass production is on the way. The electric pickup trucks have been spotted in California, not far from the company's headquarters. The Kilowatts/Twitter managed to spot the Cybertruck while testing the steering. The video shows the driver quickly turning the steering wheel from side to side while driving in a straight line on the road, and then, four-wheel steering was seen while turning at a traffic light and turning into a Tesla parking lot.

The Cybertruck was very agile, moving smoothly, quickly, and steadily as it entered a turn. Matthew Donegan-Ryan/Twitter, who shared The Kilowatts' video, stressed that he noticed the four wheel steering in action. He also noted that the Cybertruck will have the turning radius of a Model Y, which is impressive when you compare the length of both cars. In response to the tweet, Elon Musk tweeted that Cybertruck would probably be even better than a Model Y in turning, confirming Matthew's claim.

Model Y is 187 inches long, while Cybertruck is expected to be 231.7 inches in length (since no official truck measurements are available). This means that the difference between the two cars is almost 45 inches. However, thanks to the four-wheel steering system, in which the rear wheels turn at the same time as the front, this difference becomes negligible. This is confirmed by the fact that the video shows the Cybertruck turning around in the same space as Model Y, in which The Kilowatts were chasing it.

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