Tesla is Looking for Applicants in Japan to Host Superchargers, as Local Demand Heats Up

Tesla is Looking for Applicants in Japan to Host Superchargers, as Local Demand Heats Up

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Tesla ramps up efforts to take over the Japanese market. By dramatically reducing prices, the company has attracted many new customers and is now focusing on expanding the charging network. Tesla has started searching for candidates in Japan who want to place Superchargers next to their business.

Tesla Superchargers are usually located in locations that offer a wide range of amenities, such as cafes and restaurants, grocery and hardware stores, toilets, and Wi-Fi access. Ideally, such sites can support eight or more separate parking spaces and provide hospitality to customers. Now owners of such businesses in Japan have the opportunity to host a Tesla-branded charger to attract even more customers.

Japan, the world's third-largest auto market, has not become Tesla-friendly, in large part due to being home to several of the world's most popular car brands. The country's government plays a leading role in promoting domestic producers, although this trend has recently begun to change. In 2020, the country set targets for achieving carbon neutrality and began supporting the purchase of EVs. Another factor was the change in Tesla's pricing policy, which will draw local automakers into price competition with it.

After the price cuts in mid-February 2021 caught the attention of consumers, Tesla sales in March increased 13 times compared to the same period last year. Now the company is focused on expanding the Supercharger network. Tesla is looking for business owners in Japan who would like to host the Superchargers. You can fill out the form on the manufacturer's website.

All Tesla vehicles have an integrated navigation system that guides drivers to the nearest Supercharger. Thus, Tesla owners can become new customers of the business wherever new charging stations are located. Tesla manages the construction, operations, and maintenance of the Superchargers, so no extra effort or time is required from the business owners.

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