Tesla Offers Electricity Tariffs to Powerwall Owners in Germany

Tesla Offers Electricity Tariffs to Powerwall Owners in Germany

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Tesla has started offering its own electricity tariffs to some Powerwall owners in Germany. Together with the construction of a car factory, the company is preparing for a large-scale entry into the German electricity market with its hardware and software.

Green energy supplier Octopus Energy Germany recently began offering Tesla an electricity tariff. According to the website, it costs €78.95 per month with annual electricity consumption of 3,500 kilowatt-hours. This represents a savings of up to €66.48 per year over the regular Octopus Energy tariff.

After signing the contract, the company provides a price guarantee for one year. Before the end of the year, Octopus Energy informs its customers of the new price, which will then be applied again within 12 months. At the same time, clients reserve the right to cancel the contract at any time, but after the expiration of the billing month.

At the moment, the tariff is only available for residents of Baden-Württemberg. However, according to information from Octopus Energy, the company plans to deploy throughout Germany in the near future and interested customers from other federal states can already leave their contact details. It is also important that customers have a PV system and Tesla Powerwall or be ready to buy and install them.

"Move actively to green energy with us, your solar system and your Tesla Powerwall.

Tesla Electricity Tariff is a tariff specially designed for Tesla Powerwall and PV systems owners.

If the network is currently busy, you are using the energy stored in the Powerwall, if any. In this way, you not only save money but also help reduce the overall dependence of the network on fossil fuels. At the same time, of course, you benefit from 100% green electricity."

Tesla takes over the management of the home photovoltaic system and energy storage system to optimize use.

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