Tesla Rumored to Offer New Wall Connectors: Cheaper or More Powerful

Tesla Rumored to Offer New Wall Connectors: Cheaper or More Powerful

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According to rumors from China, Tesla may offer a new Wall Connector. This may be a cheaper option with reduced features or a more powerful one. Perhaps two new options will be offered at once.

A home charging station is an important part of owning an electric vehicle. While some owners can charge at large charging stations, others prefer to charge their electric vehicles at home, which can be more convenient and economical. That is why Tesla has developed Wall Connectors to make owning the company's cars even more comfortable.

Chris Zheng, who is known for his leaks on Tesla, which have later turned out to be true, again shared something interesting. According to his March 4 tweet (via Not a Tesla App), the manufacturer may release a new Wall Connector. It is worth bearing in mind that the tweet does not clearly indicate whether one of the two options described will be released, or both.

Zheng said it could be a more affordable Wall Connector that can be purchased by a wide range of consumers. With a lower price, it is suggested to have some differences compared to existing chargers. It is reported that it will lose some of the OTA potential, however will have low power consumption. This option may be very popular in the Chinese market, where consumers often opt for more affordable wall connector options offered by other companies.

Another Wall Connector that Zheng described is a new-generation Connector. Perhaps it will be made in the style of Cybertruck. Its total power will be 21 kW. That would make a lot of sense, especially considering that with more powerful cars on offer, Tesla may indeed be aiming to offer more powerful home chargers. In addition, powerful Wall Connectors can be installed by large companies and businesses.

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