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Tesla is the best option

Tesla is the best option

Every day, the Earth is exposed to the greenhouse effect of gases produced by internal combustion engines inside each vehicle. The programs of most of the largest representatives of the auto industry contain items on the development, design and operation of electric vehicles. Electric cars are a clean, from the point of view of ecology, analogue of a car with an electric motor.

So, let's look at the main electric cars and their characteristics, and also conclude which car will be the best solution.

Chevrolet Bolt EV


  • good speed and acceleration time;
  • a large power reserve - the best, if you do not compare the electric car with Tesla models;
  • reasonable cost for its characteristics.


  • low quality of finishing materials;
  • inconsistency of engine performance with the expectations of motorists - according to many, more can be expected from a 200-horsepower engine;
  • only front-wheel drive available.
BMW i3

Its feature is the presence of not only an electric motor, but also an engine running on gasoline (which already contradicts the main purpose of EV)
The full battery capacity of such a vehicle is enough to cover 114 mi - a fairly large distance, but not for an electric car at a price of about $ 50 thousand.


  • light weight due to aluminum body;
  • good maneuverability;
  • fast battery charging function.


  • small luggage compartment;
  • width, allowing only two adult passengers to fit on the second row;
  • high price;
  • small power reserve.

Nissan Leaf S


  • high level of security, proven by NCAP crash tests;
  • optimal power reserve to price ratio.


  • small battery life - the manufacturer claims 5 years of service, in fact, the life is half as much;
  • poor sound insulation;
  • cramped compared to other electric vehicles.

Hyundai Ioniq Electric


  • thoughtful layout of the cabin and luggage compartment;
  • good equipment for its price - seat heating and ventilation, climate control, driver assistance systems;
  • several driving modes.


  • not large power reserve for a vehicle with such a price;
  • modest design;
  • overpriced with such a power reserve.

Renault Zoe


  • low price of the model;
  • simple and convenient operation.


  • low speed;
  • heavy front part, which interferes with cornering at a relatively high speed;
  • a small cabin, which comfortably accommodates no more than 4 passengers of medium height.

Volkswagen e-Golf


  • good quality finishes inside the car.


  • too high a price for such a power reserve;
  • low speed;
  • large brake track.
Chevrolet Spark EV

  • good dynamics of acceleration;
  • affordable price;
  • charging from a network 220V;
  • minimum brake track among electric hatchbacks.

  • small luggage compartment;
  • poor equipment;
  • low quality trim.
Let's look at Tesla cars now to understand: are these the best cars on the electric car market today?


Tesla Model S
Tesla Model S breaks records in the segment of serial electric vehicles for most of its characteristics. He is on the list of the most luxurious, attractive-looking and fastest electric models.

In his cabin you can find one of the best touch screens, which replaced the familiar control panel.

The top model received a huge range 373 mi, speed up to 163
mph and the ability to accelerate from 0-60 mph 2.4 seconds.

Such amazing parameters are far from all cars with gasoline or diesel engine from this price category.
  • modern design;
  • a powerful power unit that provides the electric vehicle with better dynamics than most models with internal combustion engines;
  • a huge 17-inch touch screen as a control panel;
  • a complete set of many modern security systems and driver assistance;
  • significant range, reaching for for top trim levels of almost 340 mil.
Someone may say that the high price is a drawback. But if you look at the situation objectively, then for this money you get an ultra-modern premium car with high performance, which in many ways surpasses cars with ICE.
Tesla Model 3 costs 2-3 times cheaper than Model S - because of this, the advantages of this electric car became famous long before the release of the first versions.

  • the same stylish design as other Tesla electric vehicles;
  • powerful engine and large power reserve;
  • good dynamics;
  • safety systems at the highest level (NHTSA rated the Tesla Model 3 electric car at the highest possible five points. Moreover, the car managed to get 5/5 in all the crash tests. Euro Euro NCAP and IIHS Model 3 also received the highest possible safety rating. Thus, Tesla Model 3 is one of the safest cars on the market);
  • Model 3 is the best-selling car in Europe among premium sedans;
  • large touch control panel and many other useful options;
  • comparatively affordable cost against competitors similar in parameters.
One of the fastest SUV, even when compared to gasoline and diesel cars. Tesla Model X has a huge range - only another electric car of the same brand, Model S, can compete with it in this indicator.

Four-wheel drive allows the car to drive great, not only in the city, but also on suburban roads.

  • powerful battery, providing a significant range;
  • an engine that provides the car with fast acceleration and high speed;
  • the ability to increase the number of seats from 5 to 7 by installing two additional seats in the luggage compartment;
  • four-wheel drive and good braking system;
  • original opening back doors and stylish design.
All models of other manufacturers have several disadvantages, including when the price does not match the quality of the proposed product.
If we make an objective comparison of all the presented models, it will be obvious that any of the Tesla models is out of competition. 
The one exception is the price. But let's not forget that the price of Tesla is consistent with its quality. And all Tesla vehicles will now come with a basic Autopilot system!

I am committed to bringing as many people as possible to use EV. It doesn’t matter which car manufacturer you choose, the main thing is that you replace your ICE car with an EV and, as we can see from the information presented, Tesla is the best option.

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