Tesla Is the Most Innovative Automaker According to CAM Study, and the Lead Is Substantial

Tesla Is the Most Innovative Automaker According to CAM Study, and the Lead Is Substantial

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Car innovation is an important criterion for improving customer satisfaction. Tesla remains the world's leading innovative vehicle manufacturer in pure electric mobility, ranking first in the Center of Automotive Management (CAM) study.

Tesla remains by far the top innovator in the technology field in the EV market in 2020, according to a CAM study that analyzed the innovation potential of 32 EV companies, and examined 291 EV innovations. For the EV Index, a team led by Research Director Stefan Bratzel assessed the innovations of the mass production models in terms of range, consumption, and charging performance to improve customer benefits.

Tesla increased its score by 45 index points (IP) and achieved 159.4 IP thanks to significant innovations in range and charging performance. Among Fast Followers, Volkswagen is in second place, Chinese manufacturer BYD is in third, and Hyundai Group is in fourth, although Tesla has a significant lead over the competition.

Volkswagen can is in second place with 123 IP, an increase of 37 points over the previous year. BYD increased by 23 points, reaching 70 IP. Hyundai Group received 58 IP.

Source: CAM

“Reputable automakers need to arm themselves as significant innovation dynamics should be expected not only from Tesla but also from e-mobility newcomers such as Lucid Motors or Chinese manufacturers Nio and Xpeng. Those who come too late with an electric car are at great risk,” said Stefan Bratzel.

He also pointed out that innovation can have a significant impact on manufacturers' sales figures, so it is very important to pay attention to this.
“Electrical innovations from manufacturers can increase their sales. There is a striking correlation between the innovation capacity and sales of electric vehicles (BEVs) of car manufacturers. The top five OEMs with the highest sales also include the four most innovative vehicle manufacturers in the field of all-electric mobility.”

Current estimates of EV sales versus global groups show the following picture: With around 500,000 vehicles in 2020, Tesla remains the market leader in electric mobility by a clear margin. The Chinese market is gaining in importance as Tesla was able to sell 135,000 vehicles there last year.

Source: CAM

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