Tesla Is The ONLY Automaker To Show Positive US YoY Growth (YTD)

Tesla Is The ONLY Automaker To Show Positive US YoY Growth (YTD)

The US auto industry saw an unprecedented drop in sales in the first half of 2020. However, Tesla remained the only automaker to see positive growth in the US market among all.

If you look at the analysis of sales for the last month, it becomes noticeable that only a few automakers have received a small positive change. But, looking at the year-to-date sales results, we see that only one automaker has managed to record growth. Only Tesla, the electric vehicle maker, has 6.79% YoY growth.

Source: Good Car Bad Car

Last year, in the first two quarters, Tesla was able to sell 83,900 vehicles in the US market. This year, over the same period, despite the coronavirus crisis and the company’s six-week factory closure, Tesla was able to sell 89,600 vehicles in the US market. An increase of 6.79% indicates that the company continues to grow and develop no matter what.

Car sales results for the first half of 2020 in the United States:

Source: Good Car Bad Car 

Tesla has a unique approach to sales, which is why, when dealerships were forced to close, the company continued to sell cars online. The automaker was able to swiftly respond to the situation, organizing contactless delivery to customers.

Tesla's unique products attract the attention of the general public. Recently, the issue of ecology has been increasingly raised. Cities, and our planet, are choking on CO2 emission from gasoline- and diesel-powered cars. A lot of people, in an effort to help reduce the amount of CO2, are switching to electric cars.

Among all EVs in existence, Tesla is the only manufacturer that can offer its customers the perfect combination of price, reliability, battery range, performance, sustained innovation, and ownership experience. That is why interest in the brand continues to grow, and its impact on the automotive markets around the world surprises even skeptics.

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