Tesla Is Working on Car Sharing Integration, Hints Code of Tesla App Update

Tesla Is Working on Car Sharing Integration, Hints Code of Tesla App Update

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Tesla is working on car sharing integration, hints code of the Tesla App update. The ability to share vehicles through the app may appear soon and will allow owners to use their cars efficiently, earning money from it.

Car sharing has been part of Tesla's plan for many years. In fact, a lot of the company's efforts are aimed at ensuring that car owners can use them as efficiently as possible. Most people do not use their cars most of the time, which means there is a lot of opportunity left on the table. By “sharing” them with other people and receiving monetary rewards for this, their usefulness grows significantly, while bringing financial benefits to their owners.

@Tesla_App_iOS/Twitter who monitors new updates to the Tesla app found interesting information in the code of the new update, Version 4.3.1. From some hints, it can be concluded that the company is working to integrate vehicle sharing into its app, which could be a step forward towards the launch of the Tesla Network. In particular, the account found three highlights:

  • Sharing your Tesla vehicle with others
  • Asset for vehicle sharing
  • Endpoints related to vehicle sharing

In April 2020, Tesla already launched the “Car Access” feature, which allows owners to give five other drivers access to the car, the data of which has gets entered by the owner. This was the first major step towards the implementation of car sharing.

However, one more step is needed for cars to be truly efficient, namely Full Self-Driving (FSD). Tesla has already gone beyond everything on the market today and introduced FSD Beta, which drives a car based on data obtained only from cameras installed around the car. Thousands of testers test the software every day under real-world conditions, providing the company with valuable data to improve the software. Once Tesla reaches Level 5 autonomy, full-fledged car-sharing will become a reality.

Until Tesla cars become fully autonomous, they can be used by the services that provide rental cars, so the ability to use them through the app by different owners is extremely important.

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