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Tesla Is Working to Improve Operations at Giga Berlin & Further Reduce Environmental Impact

Tesla Is Working to Improve Operations at Giga Berlin & Further Reduce Environmental Impact

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Tesla is working to improve its operations at Giga Berlin and further reduce its environmental impact. On-site storage, train transport, and reduced water consumption are on the company's agenda.

On-site storage

Over the past six months, the global situation has deteriorated significantly, which is especially noticeable in Europe. Tesla has adapted its logistics concept to the new world situation and wants to present its plans to the public and get the approval of local politicians.

Automakers are committed to delivering their vehicles to customers on time, which requires suppliers to get parts to the factory for production on time. This was quite convenient, as there was no need for storage directly at the factory. However, disruptions to international supply chains are forcing a change in this strategy. Tesla wants to create more storage space at Giga Berlin and begin storing auto parts there, rbb24 reports, citing industry circles. That is why the manufacturer needed an additional 100 hectares of land; these were ultimately acquired in the spring, and Tesla will build warehouses there.

Transportation by train

Tesla also wants to build a rail freight base on this site. According to circles close to the company, it is expected that twelve trains a day will deliver various materials and parts needed for the production of electric vehicles. In addition, up to ten trains a day will carry 250 finished Tesla vehicles, significantly reducing the manufacturer's carbon footprint. According to rbb24, Tesla expects a 50% to 70% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to trucking.

In addition, Tesla has planned a shuttle train to run between Erkner and Giga Berlin, transporting 400 employees in one trip. Its launch is scheduled for next spring.

However, all this will only be possible if representatives of the Grünheide community unveil Tesla's plans at their next meeting on September 29 and initiate a change in the development plan for an additional 100 hectares.

Reduced water consumption

According to industry circles, Tesla also wants to provide on September 11, during a scheduled information event for local residents, the issue of the plant's much-discussed water consumption. According to the latest data, Giga Berlin uses about 2.2 cubic meters of water to produce one car. However, according to rbb24, Tesla wants to overhaul its manufacturing so that more water can be reused.

In addition, from the end of August, Tesla's water treatment plant began to operate. It pre-treats the process water before it is pumped to the Münchehofe wastewater treatment plant. More information about this will also be presented on September 11 during the info meeting with the public.

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