Tesla Keeps Improving Battery Management System & Cell Tech, Boosts 2021 Model X Range by 20 Miles

Tesla Keeps Improving Battery Management System & Cell Tech, Boosts 2021 Model X Range by 20 Miles

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In a rapidly changing marketplace, carmakers need to learn to think quickly, create and implement what they need in real-time. At the moment, only Tesla works this way. The company is rapidly implementing improvements to make its vehicles even more advanced. 

The new 2021 Tesla Model X Raven may have increased range, according to Johnna Crider from CleanTechnica. Previously, the range of this model was 351 miles, but according to the new Monroney sticker, the range of the car is 371 miles, and the vehicle is equipped with a new type of battery—H. However, at the moment, the owner has only 351 miles of range available but the owner is hoping that the extra range can be unlocked in the future. ColdWeatherEV, the owner of the revamped Model X, wrote on Tesla Motors Club.

"I just took delivery of a 2021 Model X, vin 308XXX, and I was surprised to see that the EPA Monroney Sticker lists the range at 371 miles. EPA does not have the 2021 Model X listed on fueleconomy.gov. My car is equipped with the new version H battery. I wonder if the 371 mile rating is due to a chemistry change in the 18650's cells from Japan. I haven't charged to 100%, but when I extrapolate my current state of charge% to miles, it should give 351 miles at 100%. I'm hoping that a future software update will unlock additional range. I plan to post my thoughts on moving from a 2017 X100D to the 2021 X Long Range Plus in a week or two after I have had some more time with the car."

Source: ColdWeatherEV

The extra 20 miles and the use of a new type of battery underlines that the company is committed to constantly improving its existing products and is focused on improving them immediately. Thus, by buying a Tesla car you can get something more than what you actually paid for.

Even if new improvements are only available for an additional fee in the future, the owner will still have a choice. This approach is unprecedented in the industry. Usually, to get an improved car model, customers have to buy a new car that will age with each new day of use without the slightest opportunity to receive improvements from the manufacturer.

In a recent video, Sandy Munro emphasized that he is shocked by the speed with which Tesla is innovating, rapidly changing the expectations for the entire industry. For example, with Model Y, the company has made significant changes, like introducing the heat pump and Octovalve, which replaced the PTC heater and "Superbottle," redesigning the thermal management system in a play to reduce range depletion caused by the HVAC system.


According to Munro, the whole point is that the company does not follow more traditional industry methods or norms, which other automakers pay special attention to—for instance, in which year a model was released. If Tesla can improve something, then they immediately implement it in its cars and simply carry on with production.

Tesla has established itself as a company striving for innovation and rapid change and this is exactly what other automakers are not doing. While OEM automakers are delaying the process and working inefficiently, Tesla has pulled ahead to achieve its goals as soon as possible.

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