Tesla Launches Google Ads Following Elon Musk’s Promise to Advertise

Tesla Launches Google Ads Following Elon Musk’s Promise to Advertise

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Tesla has launched ads on Google, following Elon Musk’s investor promise to advertise. At the moment, Model Y advertising is active in the UK, and solar system ads have appeared in the US.

Tesla is exploring a previously unknown area. The manufacturer has launched an ad on Google, which might surprise some of us. Elon Musk has been an opponent of Tesla advertising for many years, however he never ruled out the possibility that it would be needed in the future. The company's investors have been asking Tesla for years to run ads. Eventually, in May, during the annual shareholder meeting, Musk agreed to try it.

On Tuesday, YouTuber Yashu Sharma shared some interesting information. He discovered that Tesla had recently run ads on Google. Yashu shared some information in a tweet and included some screenshots to prove it.

The data showed that at the moment, Tesla has 18 active advertisements in Google. Six of them are displayed in the US, and the other 12 are in the UK. Notably, in the US, the company advertises solar systems to encourage customers to pay attention to the benefits of powering their homes with solar energy. In the UK, advertising campaigns focus on advertising Model Y. Some of the ads speak to the benefits of the car, while others advertise the price at which the car can be bought. In all cases, clicking on the link leads to the manufacturer's website.

This marked the first time Tesla has paid to advertise. Previously, the company relied on smart marketing tactics and promotional content. The best advertising for the manufacturer had been feedback from satisfied customers and their created content, describing the benefits of owning Tesla products. The company itself posted promotional and educational videos on its YouTube channel and blog on the website. Tesla's move to advertising indicates a desire to please investors and expand beyond the existing customer base.

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