Tesla Launches Long-Awaited Cloud Profiles in New Software Update

Tesla Launches Long-Awaited Cloud Profiles in New Software Update

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Tesla launches its long-awaited Cloud Profiles in the new 2022.24 update. This will allow owners to quickly get all their standard vehicle settings in any Tesla vehicle.

Cloud Profiles is a long-awaited and much-desired feature, as its usability deserves a lot of attention. Tesla will finally make this possible in the new software update 2022.24, according to the release notes obtained by NotATeslaApp. With this feature, owners will be given the option to link their driver profile to their Tesla account. That way, if they choose to connect their profile to a Tesla account, some of the basic car settings, for the convenience of the driver, will be able to move with them from one Tesla to another.

The driver will be able to use any Tesla, which is especially convenient, for example, when traveling, when it is impossible to take your car, but is possible to rent one on the spot. By installing your Cloud Profile in the car, it will automatically adjust the position of the mirrors, seats, wheels, steering wheel, and much more, which is familiar to the driver. In fact, the setup will automatically sync with your main vehicle and your new vehicle will welcome you like your own.

According to the release notes, other settings include autopilot, driving preferences, climate control, navigation, media, and data sharing. Synchronized settings will also include navigation favorites and recent destinations. Tesla's release notes for this feature state:

Keep your settings and preferences synchronized across all supported vehicles using your Tesla account, including:

  • Mirror, seating and steering wheel adjustments
  • Autopilot, driving and climate control preferences
  • Navigation, media and data sharing preferences

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