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Tesla launches Trans-Canada Supercharger route

Tesla launches Trans-Canada Supercharger route

Tesla is an electric car, which means it relies on the ability to charge along the way to make long trips. Tesla Supercharger Stations are the fastest way to charge and can be found throughout the United States.

Tesla also has a huge network of charging stations around the world. Tesla recently overcame 15,000 charging stalls. At the moment, their number is 15 300 units. It should be noted that no automaker except Tesla has yet been able to deploy such an extensive network of electric chargers.


About one year ago, Tesla began work on the Trans-Canada Supercharger route. Tesla’s Supercharger network in Canada has been limited to enable travel between a few large metropolitan areas. Trans-Canada Highway is a transcontinental federal-provincial highway system that travels through all ten provinces of Canada from the Pacific Ocean on the west to the Atlantic Ocean on the east.

There’s a large part of it that goes through a region with very low population density in Northern Ontario and Manitoba. This made it difficult to justify the location of charging stations in the region.

According to Tesla’s in-car display, the sites are now live all across Canada.

Tesla enthusiast James Locke shared this news today on his Twitter account.

Source: James Locke / Twitter

Canada has been one missing link to this day. In the most densely populated areas of Canada, Superchargers could be used, but getting from one side to the other was difficult.

Moreover, throughout this route Tesla installed many new V3 Superchargers. Thanks to the new 250 kW charging devices, almost all the way through Canada will be the fastest.

Now Canadian owners of its electric cars the ability to recharge their vehicles at up to 250kW — equal to 75 miles of range added every five minutes, or a rate of 1,000 miles per hour.

Photo Robert Llewellyn/ Twitter

The V3 posts have all-new architecture that is not only capable of delivering more kilowatts to the battery packs per second, but also won’t split the power supply between vehicles charging nearby, allowing owners to charge at the maximum power their battery can take.

New software in the cars will also pre-warm the batteries while en route to a Supercharger, which is claimed to reduce average charge times by 25% by ensure they are already at the optimal temperature to receive an ultra-fast charge on arrival.

Tesla said that customers at V3 Supercharger can be recharged twice as fast. Now the number of customers served per hour will more than double, while the usual stay at V3 Supercharger is reduced to about 15-20 minutes.

Range anxiety was introduced by petrol vehicles. Every time the red light comes on in a vehicle, that is range anxiety. Owning an electric car is like owning a mobile phone, you get home, charge, and wake up with the equivalent of a full tank of charge every morning. And nobody fills up twice in a day unless driving long distances, which is where Superchargers come into play.

Tesla does an incredible amount of work every day to give people the opportunity to enjoy using their products. Tesla's Superchargers network has no equal in the world, not a single automaker has yet been able to do something similar in quality and volume. Tesla's company is constantly thinking about making car driving easy and enjoyable for people.


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