Tesla Listed in 2021 TIME's 100 Most Influential Companies in the World

Tesla Listed in 2021 TIME's 100 Most Influential Companies in the World

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Tesla is one of the most incredible companies in the last two decades. Having achieved success and becoming a disruptor in several areas, Tesla is changing the lives of all mankind. It is thanks to the merits of the company that it entered the 2021 TIME 100 Most Influential Companies in the world.

TIME stressed that in 2020, Tesla became the most valuable car company in the world and ranked in the S&P 500. Tesla, only 18 years old, is a newcomer to the industry but continues to go beyond simple car production. By creating smart cars, the company has outstripped all legacy automotive companies and has become an unattainable leader in the production of electric vehicles, hardware, and software for them. Efforts aimed at development turned into the fact that Tesla disrupted several industries and became a leader in them.

In addition to producing high-end vehicles, Tesla has also established itself as a leader in the renewable electricity sector by developing several divisions at once. The company creates solar panels, as well as a unique product, Solar Roof, which serves as a roof for a house, simultaneously storing energy from the sun and supplying electricity to the house. In addition, Tesla has created and sells home and utility energy storage systems--Powerwall, Powerpack, and Megapack--which have gained high popularity globally. In a world that is moving towards the full adoption of electric vehicles, the load on the electrical grid will continue to grow, so such energy storage solutions are vital. Thanks to Tesla's colossal contribution, it was included in the 2021 TIME 100 Most Influential Companies as one of the world's major disrupters.

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