Tesla Lowers Price of Hardware 3.0 Retrofit to Expand FSD User Base

Tesla Lowers Price of Hardware 3.0 Retrofit to Expand FSD User Base

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Tesla launched an FSD subscription a few days ago. The main condition for the ability to activate the function is the presence of the appropriate equipment in the car. Owners who do not have HW3 in their cars can now retrofit it for a third less cost.

On July 17, Tesla launched the long-awaited Full Self-Driving (FSD) Subscription, which is extremely convenient and beneficial for those who rent a car or intend to sell it sooner than four years of use. However, the most important condition for activating the function is that the vehicle has FSD computer 3.0 (HW3) or above. Computer hardware upgrades are not included in the subscription price and owners will have to do it themselves at their own expense.

The replacement cost was $1,500, which could be expensive for some customers who wanted to take advantage of the subscription. Nevertheless, in an effort to make FSD available to a wider range of consumers, the company has reduced the price of retrofit by a third. Tesla owners can now install HW3 in their car for $1,000. Those who have already paid $1,500 for the replacement will receive a refund of the difference to their account.

This price reduction demonstrates that the company is trying to find a compromise in its relationship with customers by providing unique opportunities for their vehicles at reasonable prices. Ultimately, by upgrading the hardware of the car, the owners will be able to have a wider range of functions, all the while boosting the resale value of their cars.

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