Tesla Lowers Charging Prices on Superchargers in Europe

Tesla Lowers Charging Prices on Superchargers in Europe

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Tesla lowers charging prices at Superchargers in Europe. The company has applied varying price reductions of up to 25 percent, offering the most competitive prices.

Tesla has significantly reduced prices at its Supercharger stations in Europe. This reduces charging costs for Tesla owners by up to 25 percent. This is great news because competitors are only changing prices upward. Meanwhile, Tesla is adjusting prices to account for the cost of electricity, as well as customizing for its various locations.

So far, it is known that prices have been reduced in the Netherlands, Italy, Denmark, UK, Hungary, Israel, Germany, and others. In the Netherlands, for example, the price has dropped from € 0,42-0,45/kWh to € 0,33-0,37/kWh, and in Germany from € 0.52-0.59/kWh to € 0.40-0.44/kWh. In some locations, the price is € 0.39 per kWh. Charging prices at Superchargers are now the best among other providers.

According to Tesla car owners in Germany, the lowest price is available between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. is rush hour, so the cost of charging is € 0.44. The price reduction is about 25 percent. With this price reduction, Supercharger pricing is now lower than other providers.

On EnBW, for example, users will pay € 0.49 if there is a monthly subscription, worth € 5.99. Without a subscription, the cost is € 0.61 per kWh. Although the above Supercharger prices apply only to the company's customers, if there is a monthly subscription for € 12.99, the charging cost for customers will be the same as for Tesla owners.

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