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Tesla Maximizes The Usefulness And Rate Of Progress In The Absolute

Tesla Maximizes The Usefulness And Rate Of Progress In The Absolute
The brain is the command center of the central nervous system. It receives signals from the senses of the body and transmits information to the muscles. What would happen if each organ and part of a human act independently? Surely this would not have led to anything good.

Legacy car manufacturers make cars that have different parts, each of which has its own software. Each small car function has its own chip, software, and a computer connected to it, but they do not communicate with each other. Each of them has a clearly defined goal and most of the software and parts of their cars were created by third-party suppliers.

Several hundred chips control the complex network in your car separately from each other, but their actions are not coordinated, and not centralized. All systems work only in their area and do not interact with the central computer.

Tesla was the first company to launch a car designed with high vertical integration around a central computer that controls and integrates all major and additional functions. Instead of using the services of third-party developers, Tesla CEO Elon Musk did everything necessary so that the company would independently develop all the components and software for the car.

The company has various departments that work on the most complex processes and developments that make all Tesla cars high-tech and unique. Thanks to this, the company has become a pioneer in several areas.
Thanks to the new software updates, Tesla cars can change the range, acceleration, control modes and give the cars the capabilities that it did not previously have. This is something that is not available in any other car. OTA updates reduce costs, make your car safer, and offer new functionality and efficiency.

Personally, I associate the Tesla company with technological breakthroughs, because almost everything that it does is not like what traditional car manufacturers do. From the sales method to the development of Autopilot, all this is designed from the ground up.
After 10 years, the largest and best research and development departments in the automotive industry introduce cars that have not even come close to the Tesla Model S of 2012.

At the moment, it has become clear that the future depends on the software, whether it be a product, a customer benefit, or a company's profit, so the software should be one of the most important issues for a company. But how much do you know the CEOs of carmakers that are familiar with programming? And how can managers who don’t understand what software really is, be wise to use it in their products?

Tesla is a completely different story. Musk knows a lot about programming, and understands how important it is, which is why software is one of the company's key points. The goal of Tesla is doing is not to beat the competitors, but rather to accelerate progress for all of humanity.

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