Tesla May Advertise Vehicle CO₂ Emission Savings in Germany, Court Rules

Tesla May Advertise Vehicle CO₂ Emission Savings in Germany, Court Rules

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The Berlin District Court ruled that Tesla could continue to advertise CO₂ savings of its cars when advertising in Germany. Previously, the company's right to do so was questioned by the Federal Consumer Association.

The Berlin District Court has ruled that when advertising its vehicles in Germany, Tesla may continue to advertise CO₂ emission savings. Unlike cars with an internal combustion engine, electric cars do not use fuel combustion during their movement, so CO₂ is not emitted. Therefore, Tesla does not mislead consumers when it states on its website that CO₂ emissions from driving its cars are ”0 g/km.”

The ruling was a response to a lawsuit in Germany by the Federal Consumer Association (vzbv). The association sued Tesla last year, accusing the manufacturer of making “misleading statements touting CO₂ savings when buying its electric vehicles.” In addition, vzbv opposed the words “Tesla is committed to a mission: to accelerate the transition to sustainable energy,” but was unable to get the court to stop the manufacturer from using these words.

At the same time, vzbv succeeded to stop Tesla from advertising its Sentry Mode. Surveillance of third parties without their knowledge is prohibited in Germany. Therefore, consumers cannot use this mode without compromising data protection. Tesla issued a statement to this effect following a hearing at the Berlin District Court.

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