Tesla May Enhance EV Experience & Add Tidal, Amazon & Apple Streaming Music to Its EVs

Eva Fox by Eva Fox December 29, 2020

Tesla May Enhance EV Experience & Add Tidal, Amazon & Apple Streaming Music to Its EVs

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Tesla seems to be working on adding Tidal, Amazon Music, and Apple Music as new music streaming services to its cars, further enhancing the experience of owning them.

Elon Musk is familiar to all of us not only for his engineering talent and the fact that he is the CEO of a few successful companies, but also for being a music lover. He even recorded two tracks himself, which only emphasizes his creativity and connection to music. As a true music lover, he appreciates quality sound, which is why Tesla cars are equipped with an outstanding audio system.

In 2019, Co-founder and Editor of CarAdvice.com Paul Maric tweeted that the sound system in Model 3 is the best ever tested fitted to a car. He wrote that Tesla's audio system is even better than the Bang & Olufsen audio system, which can be installed in the Audi R8 for an additional $12,000. Yet Tesla's standard Model 3 audio system still sounds better.

Musk himself wrote that Tesla's team consists of the best audio engineers who came from B&O and many other companies. Additionally, Tesla's audio system is highly programmable, which is why the company is constantly improving it via OTA codec updates.

That is why your Tesla is the perfect place to enjoy music and quality sound. And as such, it makes good sense to expand access to a variety of streaming services. Some such services are already available in Tesla cars, but at the moment, some very popular services are still not available, such as Tidal, Amazon Music, and Apple Music.

Tesla hacker @greentheonly/Twitter recently discovered that some of these services may soon appear in Tesla cars. He wrote that one of them could be Tidal, which Musk talked about during Battery Day back in September. @greentheonly also mentioned Amazon Music and Apple Music, which already have icons in the settings. However, he wrote that, despite the fact that the company has been working on this already quite some time, it's “a bit of a stub now.”

Tidal is a global music streaming service with high fidelity sound, hi-def video quality, along with professionally curated playlists and original content. Their music library contains over 60 million songs and 240,000 music videos, which can please a variety of users, especially those who have the opportunity to listen to music on Tesla's premium audio system.

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