Tesla May Launch V4 Supercharger with Contactless Payment

Tesla May Launch V4 Supercharger with Contactless Payment

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Tesla is expanding its charging infrastructure. Now the company has begun offering access to its Superchargers for non-Tesla vehicles. Also, there is a chance the manufacturer will offer a Supercharger pile with a contactless bank card area.

Recently, a new round of Tesla charging infrastructure development has begun. The company has begun making its Supercharger available to non-Tesla electric vehicles around the world. Along with this, the manufacturer introduced the V4 Supercharger. At the moment, the company has two operating V4 charging stations in Europe, in the Netherlands and France. Another one in France is under construction and will be put into operation soon.

At the moment, all Supercharger piles can only be accessed through the Tesla App. This applies to both Tesla car drivers and all other EV drivers. However, this seems to be about to change soon.

@TeslaOwnersUK/Twitter visited the Goodwood festival. There, a club representative spotted a Tesla V4 Supercharger. Upon closer inspection, it was noticed that it has a contactless bank card area. Given that Tesla is opening access to its charging network for all EVs, the ability to pay for charging with a bank card right on the spot can be very convenient.

The ability to pay for charging with a bank card at V4 Superchargers is an interesting addition. To the best of Tesmanian's knowledge, no one has previously reported this. It is currently known that the charging power of the V4 Supercharger is stated at 250 kW. However, there is no information on whether this is the power limit. Many expected that the new generation of Tesla charging stations would have a power of 350 kW. The charging piles have an extended charging cable to make charging accessible to all electric vehicles, no matter where the charging port is located. In addition, the piles of the V4 Supercharger have a different look. Now they are taller and have a solid body, without an open space inside, as with previous versions.

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