Tesla May Open Superchargers in UK to All EVs in a Few Weeks, Transport Secretary Says

Tesla May Open Superchargers in UK to All EVs in a Few Weeks, Transport Secretary Says

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All EV owners in the UK will soon be able to use Tesla Superchargers, according to the UK's Transport Minister. This should happen within the next few weeks.

Transport Minister Trudy Harrison told Electrifying.com that Tesla will be part of the solution to the UK's charging infrastructure problem. “Tesla recognize that they are part of the solution here,” she said. This could happen in the coming weeks or months rather than a few years, she said, which would have a significant positive impact on the country's transition to EVs.

Tesla’s extensive Supercharger network is valued for its reliability and is one of the manufacturer's strongest competitive advantages. The opening of charging stations for other EV brands will increase the load on the network, but Tesla will try to control the situation, as in other markets where it has taken this step. In November 2021, the first trials began in the Netherlands, which were later extended to France and Norway. No major overload problems have been reported with the Superchargers. In February 2022, Tesla announced that all of its Superchargers in the Netherlands can now also be used by third-party vehicles.

The news of Tesla Superchargers opening in the UK comes after the government announced the Electric Vehicle Industry Strategy, which sets out plans to boost the UK’s charging network and improve the consumer experience at all charging points. Local authorities will receive £450 million ($590.9 million) through the Local Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Fund while a further £50 million ($65.6m) will fund the recruitment and training of dedicated local EV experts who will work on local challenges and public chargepoint planning.

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