Tesla Megacharger for Semi at Pepsi's Modesto Facility Receives Building Permit

Tesla Megacharger for Semi at Pepsi's Modesto Facility Receives Building Permit

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A Megacharger for Tesla Semi at Pepsi Co's Modesto facility has received a building permit. This will become the second known Tesla Megacharger to date, hinting an acceleration of the manufacturer’s efforts to start mass production of its all-electric Semi.

PepsiCo. has received permission to install Tesla Megacharger to charge Tesla Semis, 15 of which are to be shipped to their facility in Modesto, California. New chargers for the truck will be installed there, according to public documents released on November 22 and revealed by @MarcoRPTesla/Twitter. Stanislaus County has officially issued a permit to install Megacharger requested by PepsiCo. back in April 2021.

The document permits “EV charging installation including associated electrical equipment and a battery storage system.” It will expire if installation work is not started within 180 days commencing November 22 or if there’s a work stoppage of 180 days during construction.

In 2017, PepsiCo. placed an order for 100 Tesla Semis. The move is part of the giant’s efforts to reduce fuel costs and emissions from its fleet. In 2019, PepsiCo. announced that 15 Tesla Semis will be used at its Frito-Lay production site in Modesto. While CEO Ramon Laguarta said he expects delivery of the first Seven before the end of this year, Tesla CEO Elon Musk made it clear that this could not be done. He confirmed an earlier public announcement by the company about the start of deliveries of Semi and explained the reasons. Musk tweeted that Tesla is limited in the supply of chips and cells, making it impossible to start mass production of the truck this year.

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