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Tesla Megapacks Selected for Slovenian Ngen's Energy Storage Solution

Tesla Megapacks Selected for Slovenian Ngen's Energy Storage Solution

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Tesla Megapacks have been chosen as Slovenian Ngen's energy storage solution for the third time. The grand opening of the €16 million facility gave access to 20 megawatts/40 megawatt-hours of power.

On Thursday, October 27, 2022, the inauguration of the third battery-powered energy storage device installed by Ngen took place, the company said. At a press conference before the grand opening, the director, Roman Bernard, and two other investors, Damian Merlak and Boštjan Bandelj, presented the project, future plans, and all the benefits of energy storage systems.

The project, for which Tesla Megapacks were chosen, has become one of the largest storage facilities in Europe. It is economically and strategically very important for Slovenia and the entire EU region, especially during the energy crisis in Europe. The project is fully financed by its own funds and is estimated at €16 million.

As long as the production of electricity does not depend on external factors, there are no big problems, but difficulties begin when there is dependency on external factors. Since the production of electricity from renewable sources (hydro, wind, solar) is fickle and dependent on the weather, storage systems are needed to fill gaps in production. Tesla provides various energy storage solutions and Megapack is the best for large projects.

The new facility will further help regulate the frequency of the Slovenian-European energy system and provide flexible support to other participants in the electricity market, especially large electricity consumers.

Preparations for the new project, which is Ngen's third, began at the end of last year. The battery system with a connected capacity of 20 MW/40 MWh is located in Kidrichevo. The European electricity system stretches from the Iberian Peninsula through Turkey to the North Cape in Norway. An alternating electric current with a frequency of about 50 hertz “flows” through it. The frequency, with the exception of minor local deviations, is the same throughout the system. In the event of serious discrepancies between electricity production and consumption, system services must be activated to avoid blackouts throughout Europe, the company says.

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