Tesla Megapack Chosen for Energy Storage Project in Hungary

Tesla Megapack Chosen for Energy Storage Project in Hungary
Tesla Megapack will be installed at the 4 MW/8 MWh energy storage project of the Dunamenti Power Plant in Hungary. The battery will be able to maintain the power supply for 2 hours.

Swiss-based European energy company MET Group is the first to install the Megapack battery in Százhalombatta, Central Hungary, as part of the innovation project being implemented at the Dunamenti Power Plant, Ceenergy News reports. The energy storage unit will be installed in the summer of 2022. This comes against a backdrop of global and increasingly ambitious efforts to ensure sustainability through the use of renewable energy sources. However, since production is weather-dependent and therefore unpredictable, equipment is needed that provides flexibility and energy-saving solutions. Therefore, large utility batteries play a key role in balancing supply and demand.

“The contracted investment project will be one of the key elements of our R&D project launched in April,” said Dunamenti Power Plant CEO, Péter Horváth. “The future is carbon-free, meaning even the gas-fired power plants providing network flexibility have to be carbon-free as much as possible. The experimental project, based on energy storage, will be a prototype for industrial-quantity applications.”

Tesla is the market leader in energy storage equipment and its Megapack solution is ideal for this purpose. The new project will be the first in Hungary to use the innovative energy solution from Tesla. The Dunamenti Power Plant will have a maximum performance of 4 megawatts and a storage capacity of 8 megawatts. The project with Megapacks is designed for two hours of work, which is significantly higher than the previous development, which could provide only half and one hour storage periods. Thus, Megapack provides an opportunity for more efficient system integration of renewable energy producers.

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