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Tesla China Announces MIC Model 3 Purchase Tax Exemption Approval and Imminent Deliveries

by Claribelle Deveza December 26, 2019


Tesla China announced that the Made-in-China Model 3 has been approved for the government’s purchase tax exemption and deliveries would be rolling out very soon. The MIC Model 3 deliveries have been keeping everyone in the Tesla community all over the world on their toes. It seems that Tesla China was quietly waiting for the final pieces to fall in place before announcing the major event. 

Tesla China made the announcement via its official Twitter account, about an hour or two after unveiling the first V3 Supercharger station in Asia—located in Jinqiao, Shanghai. The recent post in @teslacn included a screenshot of the government approval for Tesla’s purchase tax exemption by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of [the] People’s Republic of China.

The purchase tax exemption could reduce the price of the locally-made Model 3 by 10 percent, but this has not been confirmed. Reuters reported about Tesla’s purchase tax exemption back in August when the approval was still in its early stages. 

The purchase tax exemption is usually only offered to cars made by China-based automakers. Tesla will be the first foreign car manufacturer to receive the privilege from the Chinese government. 

The purchase tax exemption is separate from the government incentives Tesla’s MIC Model 3 qualified for earlier this month. So the price of the Model 3 produced in Gigafactory 3 will be more affordable for Tesla consumers in China. Its tag price will also give it more of a competitive edge against other locally-made EVs and sedans. 

Besides the purchase tax exemption, Tesla China also gave the community a hint about imminent MIC Model 3 deliveries in its post. It would be the second time Tesla China indicated impending Model 3 deliveries within the last week. 

On Christmas Eve, @teslacn dropped a holiday greeting via Twitter teasing MIC Model 3 deliveries as well. Tesmanian released exclusive photos of Gigafactory 3 in the midst of what looked like preparations for a massive delivery, featuring car carrier trucks being loaded with vehicles produced from Gigafactory 3. 

With all the commotion happening in Tesla China and the news it has dropped within the last week alone, it’s possible that deliveries could happen before Q4 2019 ends. However, it is also within the realm of possibility for Gigafactory 3 to stall MIC Model 3 deliveries until Q1 2020 begins. Either way, Tesla China is revving to go. 

Claribelle Deveza
Claribelle Deveza

Longtime writer and news/book editor. Writing about Tesla allows me to contribute something good to the world, while doing something I love.

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