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Tesla China-Made Model 3 Floods Beijing DMV Proving Strong Demand Continues


Multiple Tesla MIC Model 3 units were lined up today at a Beijing DMV to get registered, proving that strong demand for the locally-made sedan remains strong in China. The Model 3 line seen in a Beijing DMV may be an indication of Tesla’s delivery numbers in Q1 2020 within China.

Based on video footage sent to Tesmanian, dozens of domestically-made Model 3 vehicles were lined up in front of a DMV Beijing. The video shows at least a couple dozen cars parked right outside of the DMV waiting to get registered.


Since the video was taken today on April 2, the MIC Model 3 cars seen in front of the DMV were most probably delivered a few days before during Q1 2020, although there is a slight chance that some of them were delivered on April 1.

If this is the case, Giga Shanghai’s delivery numbers maybe Tesla’s saving grace this quarter. The EV automaker has yet to release its official results for Q1 2020, but many analysts have predicted a rather bleak outcome due to the pandemic.

Tesla Model Y deliveries should have given Q1 2020 numbers a boost, but it has been difficult to handover new vehicles to reservation holders because of the current global crisis. The virus restricted people’s mobility, making it difficult for Tesla to deliver its Model Y vehicles.

However, Giga Shanghai was able to recover from the initial outbreak of the virus rather quickly. Tesla’s Shanghai facility resumed operations and continued with deliveries during Q1 2020, too.

Regardless of the specifics, the line of Tesla cars in front of a DMV in the major city reveals that there is still strong demand for the MIC Model 3 in China, and it may continue to rise. There have been several reports from Chinese media hint that the country is pushing for all-electric vehicles more.

For instance, Beijing has plans to set a new BEV license quota to increase the amount of battery electric vehicles allowed to register for a license plate. Major cities like Beijing have long restricted the number of cars that can get license plates to prevent traffic congestion and air pollution. But BEVs don’t contribute to either problem.

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