Tesla Website Offers Convenient Changes, Model 3 & Y Get Range Boost

Tesla Website Offers Convenient Changes, Model 3 & Y Get Range Boost

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Tesla is constantly making changes to its cars in efforts to improve them as much as possible. Model 3 and Model Y just received an increase in range, which may be due to optimization of vehicle systems and/or the use of new Lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries.

Tesla updated the information on its website earlier this week with some performance changes. A new feature of the US configurator is that Tesla now also specifies the ranges that vehicles will have when using special equipment such as wheels and/or seat configurations.

While the manufacturer is not making significant updates to the new model years, the Model 3 and Model Y, which will be delivered in 2022, have received some improvements. It is worth noting that Tesla is rolling out updates to its cars as soon as possible, which could happen even in the middle of the year. Cars that will be ordered now and delivered sometime next year will receive a slight increase in range, which is a pleasant surprise.

Firstly, Tesla removed the Standard Range Plus designation from the Model 3. Thus, the base car model is now simply called Model 3. Following this pattern, the company has nixed the name of the Long Range variants in Model X and Model S. Now the manufacturer offers Model S and Model S Plaid, as well as Model X and Model X Plaid. It should be noted that such names are now simpler and more clear.

Secondly, Tesla changed the range of some models by slightly increasing it. At the moment, on the manufacturer's website, Model 3 has a range of 272 miles with 18'' Aero Wheels compared to 262 miles previously or 267 miles with 19'' Sport Wheels. Note that 19'' Sport Wheels are now selected on the website by default.

Model Y Long Range also received a slight increase in range with 19'' Gemini Wheels from 326 miles previously to 330 miles or 318 miles with 20'' Induction Wheels. Now you can also see how the third row of seats will affect the car's range. So Seven Seat Interior with 19'' Gemini Wheels will have a range of 326 miles, and with 20'' Induction Wheels, 314.

The increased range of Model 3 could be due to the use of LFP batteries, which initially have a slightly different capacity compared to lithium-ion cells from Panasonic. In addition, the improvement in range could also be due a further optimization in the car's systems, though this is not clear.

The configurator now also shows an update to the Model X's range with its three different seat configurations and wheels sizes. The updated website is very user-friendly as it provides important information about the range depending on the vehicle equipment, which is very valuable for consumers.

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