Tesla Model 3 & Y Are Among World’s Top 3 Best-Selling Electric Vehicles in April 2021

Tesla Model 3 & Y Are Among World’s Top 3 Best-Selling Electric Vehicles in April 2021

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Tesla Model 3 and Y again entered the Top 3 best-selling electric vehicles in the world in April 2021, despite the fact that the company always has a downward trend in sales in the first month of the quarter. The growing capacity of the manufacturer will soon be able to better meet the growing demand, which will lead to a dramatic increase in monthly sales figures.

In April, the number of EV registrations increased by an impressive 249% to about 392,000 units. Meanwhile, BEVs jumped 235% to about 251,000 units, which is significantly higher than the sales figures for PHEV, according to EV-Sales Blog.

While Tesla Model 3 is the constant leader of the Top 3, Model Y only joined its sibling in 2021. However, Tesla's compact crossover has already surpassed Model 3 sales with 16,232 units to come in an honorable second place for the first time in history. The manufacturer registered 14,980 Model 3s, making it the third best-selling EV in the world.

In first place is the Wuling Mini EV, which causes a wave of controversy. The low cost of the car has made it very popular in China, however the more of these cars on the road, the more danger it poses. the Wuling Mini EV is a ticking time bomb, as the manufacturer completely ignored safety in the car in order to make it as cheap as possible. Due to the extremely simplified materials from which the EV is made and the lack of such safety measures as airbags, its passengers risk their lives and health. For example, on February 23, 2021, an Audi car collided with a Wuling Mini in Qinhuangdao. While the occupants of the Audi sustained varying degrees of injury, two Wuling passengers died. A recent unofficial crash test also showed that after a head-on collision, none of the passengers of the tiny car would survive.

The fourth and fifth places were taken by Volkswagen cars. The company registered 10,314 ID.4 and 5,941 ID.3. Sales figures remain modest, however they make an important contribution to the transition to electric vehicles.

Source: EV-Sales Blog

In the overall ranking for 2021, the Top 3 have not changed, although their distribution has changed. Despite the growing popularity of the unsafe Wuling Mini, Tesla Model 3 still retained its lead in the first four months of the year, registering 141,696 units. China's Wuling Mini sold 125,925 units. The Tesla Model Y is firmly in third place in global sales with 72,296 units, well ahead of its closest competitor.

Source: EV-Sales Blog

Tesla's popularity continues to grow, guaranteeing the manufacturer the title of the world's best-selling EV brand with 31,268 units sold in April and 216,079 in 2021.

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