Tesla Model 3 Is Hottest NEV in China as Owners Recommend it #1 Over BYD & Xpeng

Tesla Model 3 Is Hottest NEV in China as Owners Recommend it #1 Over BYD & Xpeng

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With superior performance characteristics, highly intelligent features, robust range, and a wide-ranging charger network, Tesla Model 3 has become the number one recommendation of new electric vehicle owners in China, surpassing other popular domestic brands.

The Shenzhen Consumer Council recently published the "New Energy Vehicle Consumption Survey" results. Tesla Model 3 was ranked #1 by Net Promoter Score (NPS). NPS is an index for determining the commitment of consumers to a product or company (readiness to recommend index), used to assess readiness to repeat purchases. It is one of the main indexes for measuring customer loyalty.

According to the results, Tesla Model 3 received the highest NPS score of 12. Second place was taken by BYD-Han with a score of 10. It is followed by Xiaopeng-P7 with a score of 9.4, and the Weimar-EX5 closes out the top four ratings with a score of 8.

In this study, the real satisfaction of Chinese car owners was selected as the standard, and the most reliable recommendation information and real ratings were obtained on the aspects of the NPS consumer recommendations index and customer satisfaction. The NPS score is obtained by subtracting the number of unsatisfied customers from the number of recommending customers.

Among the main reasons for consumers recommending Model 3, in addition to the economy, are: "intelligent central control configurations," "vehicle charging speed," and "vehicle safety configuration designs." Autopilot, which dramatically improves safety, OTA updates, remote diagnostics, and other features give Model 3 owners an excellent owning experience that cannot be replicated with other vehicles.

Tesla is also the only company that has its own extensive network of charging stations. There are currently more than 600 Superchargers deployed in China, and by the end of 2020, there should be 650 of them, covering 270 major cities. Widely available access to fast charging is also one of the most important aspects of customer satisfaction.

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