Tesla Model 3 Is the #2 Best-Selling Car in Switzerland in 2020, Including ICE

Tesla Model 3 Is the #2 Best-Selling Car in Switzerland in 2020, Including ICE

Chart: @ceo_plus_ch/Twitter

Tesla continues to dominate the EV market worldwide, selling half a million vehicles in 2020 and competing with its gasoline counterparts. Last year Switzerland entered the list of countries in which Model 3 is gaining popularity, and the model is now the #2 best-selling car in the country, including among cars with internal combustion engines. The new advance in Switzerland points to a rapidly evolving trend where electric vehicles will replace gasoline-powered vehicles.

Switzerland is a small country with a population of about 8.57 million, which means it has a relatively small car market. However, data from 2020 indicates an increasing focus on alternative power vehicles. A total of 236,828 new cars were sold there last year, according to the import association Auto Suisse. A record number of alternative propulsion vehicles hit the roads of Switzerland, with sales up 63%. 28.8% of new license plates in 2020 were from rechargeable hybrids, electric vehicles, and hydrogen-powered vehicles.

According to @ceo_plus_ch/Twitter, Tesla Model 3 became the #2 best-selling car in the country, registering 5,050 sales and just behind the Skoda Octavia, which sold 5,730 vehicles, or 14% more. In third place was VW Tiguan, which registered 4,964 vehicles, although this was not enough to surpass Model 3 sales.

Source: @ceo_plus_ch/Twitter

It should be noted that in Switzerland there are no tax incentives for the purchase of EVs, except that in some cantons (states) pure electric vehicles are exempted from road tax. Nevertheless, Tesla Model 3 not only competed with cars with internal combustion engines but also took one of the leading positions, having received the love and recognition of the Swiss people.

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